I've got myself a writing lj for FFVII fanfiction. May extend it for writing other stuff, but certainly not jrock stuff. Jrock stuff may be found here and here only. Sorry.

My new lj is leather_cookie
Thank you for attention.


I hate "Genji monogatari".
On Monday I have a midterm exam in Literature. I tried learning about "Genji monogatari" from notes, but I can hardly remember all those women the guy had or didn't have. So I tried reading the story itself.
Maaaaan~! I can't.
It's going to be the death of me. T_T

A few sentences in Japanese xD

Sentence: 源氏物語は私の死ですよ。
Reading: "Genji monogatari" wa watashi no shi desu yo.
Meaning: "Genji monogatari" is my death.

Sentence: 月曜日に、文学の中間テストがあります。
Reading: Getsuyoubi ni, bungaku no chuukantesuto ga arimasu.
Meaning: On Monday, there's a midterm exam in Literature.

Sentence: 今、私は勉強をします。
Reading: Ima, watashi wa benkyou o shimasu.
Meaning: I'm studying now.
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I feel stupid for writing this, yet, I'm so sad...

Tora-san, please come back to health soon.

I'm just so worried I can barely do anything without thinking about Tora-san's health. So please, please be well.
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[FIC] Love, HirotoxShou, oneshot

Title: Love
Author: me
Chapter: 1/1
Fandom: alice nine.
Pairing: HirotoxShou
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I only own their autographs. I didn't even have the courage to touch Shou when I had the chance to. So, I don't think owning them would ever become an option.
Comment: Okay. This is the first fanfic this year, and the first fanfic after J-Rock Invasion. I don't think I'll be writing anything other than alice nine. fanfics for some time, nor any fics without Shou-san. He's the only thing on my mind.

Please comment! As I think I will be writing much more fanfics of this kind...

For the J-Rock Invasion in Cologne, Germany Live Report, you can go here.
My ficlist is here

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J-Rock Invasion in Cologne live report pt 2

The end of the live wasn't the end of our adventure! After getting up in the morning, and checking out, we locked our luggage in the special room of the hostel (because it was free) and left for the city. We went to Starbucks, drank hot chocolate (me and my best friend) and walked around a bit. Then we went back to the hostel to retrieve our luggage and went back to Starbucks again.

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Part one

I got tagged Oo;

Yeah, I got tagged almost a month ago by phunky_monkey91 and I haven't noticed until now >.< Bad me.

Post the explanation of where your username came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged post the explanation to your page.

Ooookay. So. Once upon a time me, my friend Shini, my other friend Yurameku (Merry as of now) and a few more have decided to write a story. With us included. But, I had no proper nickname, and I had a good chara. By the name of Mad Pain *she was a demon, the leader of Dark Wings of Chaos, the small hellish commando under direct leadership of Lucifer... don't ask. I still like that story... I just may convert it into a j-rock fic. RLY.* So, I became just that, Mad Pain. It's even under my dA. But soon, Polish people began calling me different names, trying to make the name more Polish-sounding I guess - Madzia, Madzik, Madziaste - and Madziak. As I rather liked Madziak, I decided: so be it. And I'm still Madziak until now, at least on LJ - I sometimes use the nick Madziaste, too - and Mad, because it's easier for foreigners to spell ^_^

Complicated, isn't it?

... Okay, I can't really tag ten people. I don't even KNOW that many. Hey, if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged <3

BTW, look, it's my FICLIST!
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(no subject)

I have written quite... much. SO I have decided I have to put a list. I had to go through a few communities I have belonged to... But well. I think this is all. Or not. If you know something of mine that I'd missed here, please tell me.

Sorted by FANDOM

D'espairs Ray

Infection HizumixZero, one-sided TsukasaxHizumi, angst

Butterflies ZeroxKaryu, ZeroxHizumi, angst

Never HizumixZero, KaryuxZero, angst

River Lethe HizumixZero, mentioned KaryuxZero (sequel to "Never"), angst

Catch it before it disappears HizumixZero, fluff, romance

Let me love you ZeroxKaryu, romance, AU
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
(Status: ongoing)

Blood HizumixZero, KaryuxZero, KaryuxHizumi angst, horror, AU
Chapter One
(Status: ongoing)

Alice Nine

The 2nd place award HirotoxShou, angst, romance, smut

The GazettE
It's enough AoixUruha, romance

Until the end AoixUruha, angst

The ending mentioned AoixUruha, angst, death?

Antic Cafe
The choice to make Teruki+takuya, romance

Advice Teruki+takuya, mentioned MikuxKanon, one-sided BouxTeruki, fluff, romance

Orange Dream past BouxMiku, mentions of: KanonxMiku, TerukixTakuya, one-sided BouxTeruki

If you were a girl Terukixtakuya, fluff, drabble


Accident HakueixMiyavi, humour, romance

Alcohol, the best friend of man HakueixMiyavi, smut

Amusement HakueixMiyavi, smut

Angel HakueixMiyavi, AU, angst, romance

Happy HakueixMiyavi, angst

Love me if you dare KyoxRuki, angst, romance

The 4th week of you HirotoxAoi, fluff, romance, angst, death

The Dream Store, AoixUruha, RukixReita, KaixMiyavi, ToraxSaga and more, AU, angst, romance, more angst
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Interlude One
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Interlude Two
(Status: Ongoing)

That place LIAR Challenge, Tetsu(Merry) x Shin(Kagrra) x Kei(Sadie), angst, AU, romance

Freedom mentioned KaixMiyavi, philospphical?

The little favour LIAR Challenge, Inzargi (Megamasso) x Aoi (Ayabie), mentioned ToraxSaga (alice nine.), humor, romance

Like a TV Show Kyo(Dir en Grey)xMao(Sadie), fluff

The Staring Contest Miku(AnCafe)xShou(Alice nine.), humour, crack

Madness hinted KyoxMao
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I'm sewing for a contest. Making doll clothes, all that stuff. And I want to win. *sigh* Anyway, anyone's reading this? ^^; *is stupid*
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Remembering about...

In fact, I just remembered yesterday that I have an LJ. Thus, I decided to update it a bit x3 I dunno what to write, though, seeing as nobody even reads it. *sigh* Well. Let me just post some random nonsense, then <3

First of all, fanfiction may be my subject. WHY is it that people write fanfics, and write like, many of them, and I still have nothing to read? *sigh* Why can't somebody take mercy on me and write a, for example, HizumixZero fanfic? Yes, I'm aware that D'espairs Ray fandom is not as big as some others are (Gazette or Ariisu9 or Dir en Grey) but still! I demand fanfics, dammit >.< *okay, I'm an awful childish brat, and what will you do about it?*

Second thing is school. Blah. Being in the last year sucks, but not because of too much to learn and revise, oh no. In my case, taking the exams that I am taking, I have almost nothing to revise. Bu my father won't accept it. He calls me immature, because I only chose three subjects for the exam, and I'm not revising like stupid. SORRY, I've got much more interesting things to do in life than learning some stupid school subjects that will get me nowhere! Who needs Chemistry in life, if they're not associating their future with it? Or Physics, or Maths, or History? I need the languages, English and Polish, that's all my University of choice demands! I THINK my English is on quite a decent level, and Polish is my native tongue that I feel I know very well. Thus, no need to walk around saying OH GOD THE UNIVERSITY WON'T WANT ME BLARGH! Because I'm quite confident that I will study what I want. I will study Japanese. I've known about this fact for years! But my father can't accept it. *sigh* Well, whoever cares.

What else can I rant about... Well, nothing important right now. If anybody reads it, let me know. I'll refrain from writing such nonsense next time. x3
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